Agartha Fund LLP, closed ended Private Equity fund for qualified investors

A fund for advanced investors seeking advanced returns


Generate high returns on capital, while allowing the selective investment participation that matches investors’ diversification needs and risk appetite.

Fund Key Highlights

  • Fund target size: US$200,000,000
  • Minimum subscription: US$500,000
  • Hurdle rate: 10%
  • Performance fee: 20%
  • Fund term: 10 years, with extension up to additional 10 years
  • Key person: Alexandre Garese, a French investor with over 20 years of successful private equity experience
  • Strategy: identify talented start-up, distressed or underperforming companies in order to improve their value by capital injection combined with restructuring, enhancement of corporate governance, operational support and the use of information technologies.
  • Selective investments participation