Wealth Management

We take a holistic approach to wealth management an look at the bigger picture of your investment journey, to craft the most relevant solutions

Our Services

  • TAILOR-MADE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS –  We understand that each client has unique needs, expectations, concerns, and financial goals. Our wealth managers make recommendations based on each of these variables and develop customised strategies.
  • ACCOUNT OPENING & GLOBAL CUSTODY SERVICE –  We open investment accounts under ADSI and arrange custody with top-tier banks in the UAE, in Switzerland and/or other leading jurisdictions.
  • GLOBAL AGGREGATION & ADVISORY – As an independent wealth and asset management firm, we assist clients in aggregating their financial assets across various banks and brokers and in setting up global and integrated investment plans. We also support clients looking to operate in other jurisdictions.
  • FAMILY WEALTH & SUCCESSION PLANNING – We understand the importance of preserving wealth for future generations. Our services are designed to ensure that your wealth is growing and passed on seamlessly.

Discretionary & Advisory Services

We provide Discretionary portfolio management services for busy clients looking for investment expertise with limited personal involvement. Following a sophisticated portfolio optimisation process, we shape asset allocation strategies around their established preferences. Our Advisory Services are designed for clients seeking tailored financial guidance and exclusive expert insights.

External Asset Management Platform

  • Direct contact – Our investment advisors are available from Monday to Friday.
  • Booking Centre – Our client accounts are booked in the UAE using custodians arranged by ADSI.
  • Trading Services – We offer independent and transparent executions within our open architecture platform.

Our Approach

  • ADSI is one of the few wealth managers in the region with a well rounded understanding of global as well as regional markets across asset classes
  • We blend the best of what fundamental as well as systematic investing has to offer, bringing products to the market that best utilise that combination
  • ADSI can respond to changes in the market environment in a fast and effective manner
  • We have a solutions rather than a product driven approach and are able to customise our offering effectively to meet our clients’ needs
  • Our knowledge base and our investment approach are our own, allowing us to take positions that may be contrary to general market narratives
  • We pride ourselves in going against the grain and being innovators and entrepreneurial at every level

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