Asset Management

Combining a research-based approach and advanced technologies to develop innovative solutions tailored to your preferences


ADSI brings decades of investment experience across asset classes and geographies to investors, creating solutions that are unique in both design and purpose.

Proprietary Research and Independent Thinking

We believe thinking cannot be outsourced. At ADSI we conduct our own research to generate ideas independently around your specific needs.
We use our findings to create new products and services.

Algorithmic Investment Strategies

We use mathematical models, algorithms and quantitative research to design investment strategies that are flexible and responsive to changing market conditions.

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Quantitative & Qualitative Modelling

We leverage technology to identify opportunities and manage risk effectively. Our experts are experienced in conducting research and analysis, based on abundant data collection to perform quantitative and qualitative investment models that adapt to changing investment paradigms.

Asset Allocation Advisory

We understand that every client is unique. Our global advisory team provides independent and personalised advice, to help you create diversified portfolios that align with your objectives and preferences.

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Funds and Managed Accounts Platform

Our plug and play platform creates investment structures for clients – whether funds, SPVs or foundations – seamlessly and without hassle. This enables the delivery of lasting structures, estate planning and long term value for our clients, with infinite investment possibilities. Through our Managed Accounts Platform, an investor can create a bespoke investment vehicle at ADSI that gives a limited power of attorney to an external manager. Whom is selected either by the investor or jointly with ADSI to trade the investment vehicle in exchange for a fee.  

Our Investment Philosophy

We prioritize our clients’ safety by taking a relatively prudent approach to investment, while seeking steady returns. Our investment process brings together the multi-disciplined investment experience of our team with their deep understanding of client objectives to create a clear, replicable and verifiable process for each investment and the management of portfolios.


Diversification is our golden rule. We adopt a holistic approach that considers the bigger picture and constructs allocation strategies blending various asset classes, taking into consideration our clients’ global investment activity.


We believe that safety should encompass liquidity and accessibility considerations, which is why we strive to present solutions that provide flexibility without imposing long-term commitments, empowering our clients to exercise their freedom of choice.

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